Tips on Losing Weight

A commonality amongst many people is their want to lose weight. They try all sorts of new diets and exercise programs, but for whatever reason they find that they cannot accomplish their goals. Personally, I feel people over complicate the concept of losing weight or shaping their bodies. At the end of the day it […]

What is Posture?

What is posture?  In definition posture is  the position that someone holds his or her body when standing or sitting. This definition makes it seem that posture is static and there is some sort of optimal position that people should be maintaining.   Mainstream education and media portray  that the proper way of sitting is […]

The Importance of Maintenance Care

Humans are biological machines but despite this fact, the majority of people take care of their cars more than they do themselves. It is unfortunate to see this type of negligence happen especially because I am seeing this daily. Something to put into perspective is that if people consistently maintain their cars to increase longevity; […]

Can chiropractic help with pregnancy? A biomechanical approach

Women go through a 40-week process that challenges their body’s morphology. A pregnant woman will have a significant increase in hormones during the three trimesters that cause a predictable change in biomechanics. New health conditions amongst pregnant women that elicit pain, can occur due to the weight gain associated with bearing a child. The fantastic […]


This condition has commonly been thrown around as a diagnosis for someone having foot pain at the bottom of his/her feet.  This condition can range from an irritating pain that occurs occasionally to a pain that prevents people from being on their feet for more than an hour. There are many different causes for this condition […]