Immune System COVID-19

Immune System COVID-19

As a health care practitioner I am always concerned for the health and safety of my patients. With the impact of the COVID-19in Canada and worldwide, I wanted to address this newsletter with advice on how to keep your immune system strong during this difficult time. Having a strong immune system is vital to prevent/fight […]

The Warm Up

Exercise is a vital component to a healthy balanced life. Without it, people can be more prone to developing diseases that can impact their lives in a negative way. Some of the health benefits that exercise can give are reducing or maintaining a healthy body weight, reducing stress, blood pressure, anxiety and controlling blood sugar. […]

Tension Headaches

Headaches can cause a person a lot of distress when it is fully developed. Some people are suffering from this condition frequently and it really put’s a staple in their lives. There are four common types of headaches: Migraine, tension-type, cluster and cervicogenic. This article will emphasize the symptoms, causes, and treatments of a tension-type […]