Hip Pain in Hockey Players

The condition is usually an impingement of the hip, which means a bony prominence is banging on something and irritating it. With hockey players it has been proven in research that the head of the femur or the socket develops an over growth due to progressive stress from the sport. This may cause irritation of the cartilage and/or labrum of the hip causing pain .


MUSCULAR IMBALANCES: The sport demands players to develop a predictable muscular imbalance. Having tight lateral muscles, hip flexors and deep hip rotators further predisposes the hockey player to an increase in stress on the hips, knees and low back.

HOW TO HANDLE THIS CONDITION? – Combination of exercise and stretching to help decompress a very tight hip joint and relieve pressure.
– Joint manipulation/mobilization to help increase nourishment into the joint and decrease muscular tension – Passive modalities, which may increase recovery time. 

The ultimate goal is to help remove pain or get the athlete to a point of manageable pain so he/she can play the game they love.

Come for a consult and I’ll take care of the rest.

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