Orthotics are a very important medical product that helps with a person’s health. Foot orthotics supports, aligns, prevents and/or corrects mal-alignments of the foot. A person’s foot is the foundation of their body, if there is a problem with the foundation it can impact the rest of the body. Low back, hip and knee pain can all stem from a person’s foot. Mal-alignments of a persons foot can change mechanical forces throughout their body and generate pain somewhere else. Orthotics are custom made for each individuals foot. We use a 3D scanner that creates a detailed image to generate the best quality products!

Medical Braces

Medical braces can be an important part of a patient’s condition. We prescribe braces to help support and stabilize joints. Braces help facilitate and accelerate a person healing because it helps prevent possible irritation when performing tasks. We do not recommend that you strictly rely on your medical brace, but rather use it as extra support to help improve your healing.

Compression Stockings

Compressions stockings are medical grade compression hosiery that helps promote better venous flow. This medical product helps with swelling, varicose veins and leg fatigue. It can also help in sports to improve blood flow and prevent muscle soreness