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As of lately, our sedentary world has increasingly become worse. With the closing of gyms, malls and recreational centers, it has been more challenging to get physical activity on a daily basis. People may notice that with less movement they begin to experience more aches and pains. They may begin to feel a slow, naggy and irritating ache around the low back and/or base of the neck. When people get hungry they eat, when people get thirsty they drink and when people feel pain they should MOVE!

In this article we will cover three simple mobility exercises that can be done at home to reduce low back pain as well as prevent it during this pandemic. These three exercises are body weight based and will take up to 2-5 minutes to complete. Staying consistent with these exercises on a daily basis will go a long way in improving spinal mobility and preventing pain. 

The Spinal Routine

1) Cat Camel

This exercise is designed specifically to mobilize each segment in the spinal column. This will help reduce muscle tension, improve blood flow and increase joint fluid within the muscles and joints of the spine. 

2) Bird Dog

This exercise works on balance, core and spinal stability. This will help improve the strength of the spine because it works on both abdominal and spinal muscles. Having stability within the spine gives protection whenever a person lifts, bends, twists or does any other movement with their body. 

While in a crawling position, brace at your abdominals and then slowly lift a leg and opposite arm upwards. Lower leg and arm down and then repeat with opposite side. Maintain a level and stable pelvis and spine the entire time

3) Thoracic Rotation

This exercise helps work on mobility and strength of the mid back. Rotation in the mid back is a very important functional movement in every day life. If mid back rotation is limited the neck and the low back will have to compensate for the loss of movement. This will lead to neck and low back pain.

While in a crawl position, lower your buttocks a little towards your feet to get in a lower position as shown. Next, with a hand behind your head, rotate your body and your head to the side, then return. 
Unfortunately, the clinic is still closed to the public due to the global pandemic. These exercises will not supplement hands on therapy, however, implementing these simple spinal exercises can help reduce low back pain and/or prevent it. Remember.. when people are in pain they need to MOVE!

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