The Importance of Maintenance Care

Humans are biological machines but despite this fact, the majority of people take care of their cars more than they do themselves. It is unfortunate to see this type of negligence happen especially because I am seeing this daily. Something to put into perspective is that if people consistently maintain their cars to increase longevity; why not do the same for their bodies?

I have seen in my clinical experience that people who graduate from an acute management program to a maintenance program significantly decrease their chances of falling back into pain again.

You may be wondering at this point what is a maintenance program? This is a program catered to an individual’s certain condition that will help maintain their pain-free/maximal medical improvement state. Maintenance care deals with seeing a therapist every 3-6 weeks as well as being compliant with the home care recommendations/exercise programs that are specifically designed for their condition.

Maintenance care is important to prevent the patient from redeveloping the initial condition that brought them into the clinic to begin with. People get permanent results when they graduate into the maintenance program as it is an important component to care that all alternative therapists stress to new patients. Most people are looking for a quick fix and tend to think short-term when it comes to their bodies. This type of thinking will often create a shift from periodical pain to chronic pain if not treated under a maintenance program. Like those same individuals that maintain their cars throughout its lifetime to try and save money for future additional expenses, the same logic should be used towards the body.  

Remember the actions you do now will impact your future health.

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