One of the most common neck injuries that are seen in a chiropractic and physiotherapy clinic is
whiplash. Whiplash occurs when there is a sudden force put through the neck. Most of the time
whiplash occurs from a sports injury or a car accident. Once sudden force is put through the neck there
is a back and forth or side to side movement of the neck. Structures that can get damaged during a
whiplash are ligament, muscles, joints and discs of the neck. This injury can range from mild to severe
depending on the amount of force put through the neck.

How can a chiropractor or physiotherapist help with this? In our clinic our therapists will first do a
thorough examination that would include range of motion, palpation, orthopedic testing and
neurological testing. A chiropractor or physiotherapist will detect what degree of whiplash has occurred,
which ranges from a scale of one to three. Once a degree is determined, a specific treatment plan will be

created. Whiplash recovery can range from 4 weeks to a year depending on damage to the neck

Types of treatment that our chiropractor and physiotherapist can conduct for whiplash are the
– Soft tissue release
– Joint mobilization
– Acupuncture
– Electrotherapy
– Exercise Rehabilitation
– Laser therapy
– Ultrasound
– Patient Education

Whiplash can be a severe injury that can heavily impact a persons life. Our team at Central Health Rehab
are trained professionals to detect and treat Whiplash.

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